The Rituil™ Rug

Color: Ash

The oversized Rituil™ Rug is made with ultra-soft recycled cotton and can be used in restorative yoga, as a meditation cushion, a bolster, a blanket, a bedspread or to take your practice outdoors. It's the ultimate versatile and supportive yoga prop for your indoor and outdoor Rituil.

Our rugs are made from recycled Portuguese cotton and hand-woven with durable, yet lightweight, construction. Each rug is unique with subtle differences that display the natural beauty of cotton fibers.

Dimensions: 50" x 74". Weight: 7 lbs.

Material Origin
  • Made from recycled cotton.
  • Cotton fibers are recycled from local textile factories.
  • Hand-woven in Portugal.
  • Machine wash on cold and hang to dry.
Color: Ash

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Machine wash on cold and hang to dry.

Recycled cotton saved from landfills.


Every ton of recycled cotton produced saves 200,000 gallons of water compared to virgin cotton. Recycled cotton eliminates waste in landfills and dramatically reduces water consumption, CO2 emissions, and the use of chemicals.


Our cotton fibers are excess materials lovingly collected from fine Portuguese textile factories.


Our cotton pieces are hand-woven in a workshop located in Northern Portugal. Each cotton piece feels luxurious and displays the hallmarks of human hands through fine details and robust construction.


Handmade products are built to last. Our cotton pieces are incredibly durable and will stay with you and your family for years to come.

Rituils to guide your journey.


Reconnect and find your center through the practice of meditation and stillness using the Rituil™ Mat, Rug, Meditation Seat and Blocks.


Renew your spirit with our cork mats and blocks to complement your daily movement Rituil.


Restore your body through the practice of restorative yoga utilizing the Rituil™ Rug and Restorative Block.

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Movement nurtures inner stillness.

Discover pieces that naturally inspire mindfulness.