two men meditating on rock near ocean in Portugal


At a point in James’ life when his walls were high and his center lost, he invited Michael on a journey to Portugal. Michael realized James was seeking a connection. Intending to rekindle their bond, the two brothers embarked on the voyage to Portugal where they formed a deeply rooted connection to the country, its people, and its rich history of craftsmanship.

Sixteen months after their first visit, Michael and James returned to Portugal to meet with makers, create pieces honed from Earth’s most sustainable materials, and manifest their vision of a brand guided by connection. Rituil was born to help people deepen their relationship with themselves and set intentions to connect with others through daily mindfulness Rituils.

Rituil Values


By setting daily intentions to live life with gratitude and to treat Earth with reverence, we unearth self-compassion. Through letting go, we let in.


Through mindfulness, we carve space to forge deeper connections with our bodies, our minds, our Earth, and others in our lives. Through connection, we experience love.


Represented by the “I” in Rituil, one can achieve union with their authentic self. Through devotion to self-compassion, we open doors to develop deeper union with ourselves and others.

two woman facing each other meditating on cork blocks and cork mat

Discipline, dedication, devotion.

Led by the intention of creating interior sanctuaries with sustainable materials, Rituil empowers its community to experience mindfulness through daily Rituil. 

Rituil is a place of community where members can cultivate inner stillness for themselves and their loved ones.

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