Wellness pieces crafted with intention for interior spaces.

Trade and Studio

We help yoga studios, teachers, and retailers enable their students and customers to practice Rituil.

Hospitality and Service

We help spas, rental properties, and hospitality businesses create restful, renewing, and sustainable interior spaces.

The benefits of partnering with Rituil.


We create our pieces using natural materials through processes that reduce CO2 emissions and recycle waste by-products. Learn more about our Makers and Sustainability.

Capacity and Craftsmanship

Enjoy the attention to detail of European artisan-made pieces paired with the large-scale factory infrastructure to meet small, medium, and large inventory needs.

Reduced Cost

By removing intermediary costs, we can provide reduced costs for our business partners. We nurture direct factory relationships on your behalf.

Custom Development

We offer custom design and development options for large-scale brands.


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