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Since working in Portugal, we’ve been blown-away with the quality and dedication to creating some of the best products in the world.

Many of the factories we’ve partnered with have long, rich histories in craftsmanship. Most have been around for over 50 years, with one turning 100 in 2024. This collective experience brings a know-how and expertise that is truly unmatched.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship

The makers and creators we work with are great partners and collaborators. From the beginning, we have leveraged their expertise in design, mold construction, planning, and execution to help make our visions become realities. Through these connections, we’ve been able to make choices that ensure great quality and price for the products that will end up in your homes.

Our partner factories are integral parts of various communities within Portugal. With factories in the north and south of Portugal, we’re able to see how doing business there tangibly helps multiple cities and towns prosper.

Collectively, these factories employ hundreds of workers, and provide livelihoods to many. Our goal in partnering with them is to help strengthen companies and communities all over Portugal.

“These owners have this mentality that, success for me is I make enough money with this business to know all these people are going to be just fine if something happens,” said James Gallagher, Rituil’s co-founder. “It feels like a business but it's a family.”

Portuguese ceramic maker

Hands-on Work

Our approach to manufacturing is human focused.

Striking a balance between automation and hands-on work, our factories make unique pieces through mass production, while adding the special human touch of craftspeople.

“Craftsmanship is intentional. It takes into account the maker, the material, and why it matters. Why it matters is about how this is benefiting humanity,” James says.

Our products are handled by humans, which means there is a connection between those making the items and those that will eventually use them.

Portuguese cork maker crafting sustainable cork yoga products

Sustainable practices

All of our factories incorporate sustainable manufacturing practices. For example, when creating ceramics, the energy used is recycled to power many processes, such as firing, drying, and moving the products on conveyor belts. The clay is sourced locally and continually recycled to ensure the natural resource is utilized.

Additionally, our rug factory pulls waste out of the garment industry’s supply chain to create unique threads. This is similar to our cork factories, which recycle post-industrial-waste from the wine cork industry. These practices ensure our products reduce waste and conserve natural energy.

Portugal’s dedication to the environment has made it a leader in sustainability in both Europe and the world. The country ranks among the top 20 nations best prepared for the energy transition, as recognized by the World Economic Forum's Centre for Energy and Materials.

The country's success demonstrates the feasibility of a clean energy future and paves the way for a sustainable, secure, and equitable energy landscape for all. In various times throughout the past decade, Portugal has run consecutive days on 100% renewable energy. In 2023, they set the country record by running on renewable energy for 6 consecutive days.

Rest assured, when you purchase a Rituil mat, block or rug, there were many people along the way that had a hand in its creation. Their experience, dedication, and passion has brought the vision of Rituil to life.

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