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Understanding people and what matters to them lies at the heart of Rituil.

We are continuously learning from our community. While we were still conceptualizing the brand, we conducted exploratory interviews with yoga practitioners, business owners, brand builders, designers, and meditators to gain some insight.

These early Rituil community members have greatly influenced our products, brand, and overall strategy.

What matters most

Through our conversations, we learned that many people need movement and mediation to engage in life with patience, compassion, gratitude, and mindfulness.

It’s easy to get caught in the rapid pace of everyday life. We can become consumed with the things society prioritizes, such as wealth, status, or success. However, after a certain point, we realize the pursuit of these ideals leave us empty.

Our community members stressed how yoga and meditation provide them necessary stress relief and meaningful focus. This allows them to slow down and maintain a true sense of self.

It’s our mission at Rituil to let everyone benefit from our community. We want to help you create your own interior sanctuary that will center you amidst the chaos of daily life.

We realized that in forming daily Rituils around movement, meditation, rest, and dining, our existence feels more meaningful. These Rituils have not only benefited our lives, but allowed us to be more present for the people we care about.

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Community fuels our products

With over 50 years of collective experience in new product development, innovation, and brand building, our team understands that the best products are infused with insight.

We know that when we co-create with our community, the ideas are brought to life in ways we never thought possible.

For example, we finalized our rug with the help of our local yoga studio.

James Gallagher, Rituil’s co-founder, took a traditional rug and the Rituil rug prototype to his yoga studio for feedback. After examining both, there was overwhelming praise for the Rituil rug’s quality.

“My teacher was rolling it up, using it for restorative yoga, seated meditation, and she was like I absolutely love this, you gave me my answer, this is what we needed to develop,” James said.

That night, James and his brother Michael developed the rug with our maker, and the rug was hand-weaved and finished within 48 hours.

Similarly, we created our Rituil block after talking with yoga teachers and students.

We realized people needed help sitting for long periods of time during meditation or class, and others needed support beyond a bolster for restorative yoga. As a result, we designed a versatile 15-degree-angled block based on these insights.

The inspiration collected from our community has helped us develop a year's worth of product that we can’t wait to get into your hands.

We’re excited to start more conversations with an even wider audience, because the more people we talk to, the more we learn and create.

“Our community fuels our innovation engine,” said Chris VonDohlen, head of insights, strategy, and product at Rituil.

Join a community of mindful yoga practitioners with Rituil

How we plan to engage in the future

Our goal is to use Rituil to foster conversations about what we, as humans, need to live more fulfilling lives. These discussions will help us understand what to build next.

We plan to explore topics related to interior tranquility (both inside your soul and home), meditation practices, sleep habits, journaling, mindful eating, and any Rituil that helps you on your journey.

Join the conversation below and on socials @dailyrituil

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